Wow, it didn’t take long for Pine Tree Power’s leaders to go low. They’re telling an outright lie to try to boost their cockamamie proposal to have the government swoop in to seize our two electric utilities then create a whole new utility costing us taxpayers billions of dollars.

How can we trust people who are falsely blaming the two electric utilities for the current spikes in our electric bills to be in charge of our power grid when they know it’s not true? Anyone who follows electricity rates, including Pine Tree Power’s leadership team, can tell you these increases are due to the “standard offer” for our electricity supply that’s set by the Public Utilities Commission. The blame actually falls on two electricity generators making fist loads of money (another thing Pine Tree Power’s leaders know) while we struggle to pay our bills.

How come there’s no mention of NextEra and New Brunswick Energy in their petitions and social media posts about our electric bills? Because if you’re a CMP customer, that’s likely who is supplying your power. But that would not serve Pine Tree Power’s disinformation campaign. Sadly, it’s the kind of deception we’ve come to expect in politics.

Pine Tree Power, with elected board members who will serve six-year terms, would become one more haven for political hacks. What’s frightening is this crowd would be deciding what to do, not only with our hard-earned money, but also with the electricity we depend on for just about everything in our lives.

The only way to stop this madness is to vote “no” on Pine Tree Power in November.


Kim Whitman


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