There are currently several abortion-related bills on the agenda at the State House, but the most heinous of these bills is L.D. 1619, An Act To Improve Maine’s Reproductive Privacy Laws. The language in this title is quite innocuous, but in no way does it reflect its dangers. This bill must be firmly opposed because it is the most severe and barbaric attack on life that we have witnessed thus far.

To legalize the killing of an unborn baby — right up to birth — is a reality too horrible to contemplate. Even those legislators who are liberal and in favor of abortion rights must acknowledge that L.D. 1619 is a bridge too far. No amount of dialogue or logic can sanitize this piece of legislation.

The influence of Planned Parenthood is certainly manifest here. Their leadership has always been a strong catalyst in promoting anti-life measures. They approach key legislators, and seek to create in them a false sense of compassion for a pregnant woman — but nothing for her innocent baby.

Abortion supporters used to say, “Abortion should be safe, legal and rare.” My, how that compassionate position has changed. Now, it’s: “Abortion any time, any reason, any medical professional.” This loosening of medical standards should be a source of concern to everyone because we might tragically learn that the unborn baby isn’t the only victim here. Who would want to be a party to such an outcome?

Contact your legislator and ask him/her to vote no on L.D. 1619.

Pat Truman


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