Representatives of the State of Maine, I am writing today to plead with you to not pass L.D. 1619 on the expansion of abortion in our state. I have been praying about what to say, as I feel as if whatever I say, shall fall on deaf ears. But I pray your hearts are not deaf to the truth of what is right and true.

What about what lies within your hearts? Down deep, of what the real truth in this situation is? Is it good to abort a baby that is viable? Who is ready to leave its home near its time of birth? Is that really and truly something that is right? Many of us women have experienced abortions, as well as myself, much to my sorrow. And I am thankful for the Lord’s forgiveness and His eternal salvation through Jesus, which gave me peace and healing!

For me it was something that tore at my heart and spirit. Others have been impacted as well, and it doesn’t go without speaking to the right of life for the baby that was created by whatever means. We speak of choice for ourselves, but what about the child? Where are their rights? I beg of you to please kill this bill instead of another child, and those about to be born, and after! Search your hearts and do what is right.

Sally Foster


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