My grandfather was a lineman for Central Maine Power. Generations of people just like him — hardworking, proud Mainers who care deeply about their local communities — are the faces of our company. They are the people who best know how to build and maintain our state’s power grid.

Take the 650 people on my Electric Operations team who continue this tradition. Many grew up in one Maine town and now live in another not far away. They know the geography of CMP’s grid and how to repair it efficiently when our worst storms hit and, most importantly, they know the other Mainers who depend on them to keep their lights on. Our work is not just meaningful, it’s personal, no matter what type of bizarre picture supporters of Pine Tree Power try to paint of foreign involvement in running our company.

In fact, choosing Pine Tree Power takes all of CMP’s local know-how away. Instead, Maine would hand over control of the power grid to an out-of-state for entity unfamiliar with the people and places we serve. The state will have to hire a private, for-profit company to manage the infrastructure that the government would seize before sending Mainers a bill for $13.5 billion to make this all happen.

Or, you can choose not to pass Question 3 and keep the people who know Maine best in charge of making sure its power system is safe and reliable, while protecting local jobs.

Adam Desrosiers

vice president, Electric Operations

Central Maine Power


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