I’m responding to the interesting article, “Is free community college right for Maine?” (Oct. 25). As a daughter of German immigrants, I was raised knowing only the boy would get to go to college. My father did implore me to have a job worth going to each day. As a Maine educator for 30 years (pre-K-12; primarily art), I loved my “work.” My first college year was early admissions at Towson State; I dropped out (not knowing my major) and at age 20 moved to Maine. As a young mother, I commuted to UMaine in Orono and completed my first degree after 12 years.

Understanding the transfer of credits is essential. There is a simple way to determine one’s major: go through the catalog (digital?) and highlight which courses most interest you. This leads you to your major. Having a decent adviser in high school and college also helps (I never did).

Other advice to my high school students: Don’t get serious about someone until you have moved furniture with them!

I’m all for the free community college tuition. It’s brilliant!

Helga K. Heyck


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