At a recent public hearing, only three legislators had the fortitude (the guts) to push back against L.D. 2167. They were state Reps. Mike Lemelin, Mike Soboleski, and Katrina Smith. L.D. 2167 is a governor’s bill that not only puts alleged “asylum seekers” on a supposed fast track to employment, but also establishes a new welcoming “Office of New Americans.” Are citizens that brain dead to support this?

Maine has already been a final destination for thousands of migrants who have resettled here at taxpayer expense. How can we afford 75,000 more, which is the number proposed by Gov. Mills? The Mainers currently living here — seniors, veterans, young families — are struggling and suffering because they themselves lack adequate housing, education and health care. What a slap in the face to those citizens!

Biden’s open-border policy afflicting our country is pure economic insanity. However, there is another concern that could prove even more insidious.

Millions of unvetted immigrants are all over this country — from Maine to the southwest. Many are not necessarily friendly to America. Over a period of years, therefore, is it too farfetched that these unfriendly forces might harm us?

I know: “Preposterous!”


Pat Truman


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