I am a student at Cony High School and I am writing in response to Councilor Courtney Gary-Allen’s recent letter about her opposition to the ban on the sale of flavored tobacco.

I would like to ask Councilor Gary-Allen if she asked any high-schoolers what they thought before she sent in that letter. That might have been a good starting place. If she had asked me, I would have told her about the kids in my classes — my friends — who are struggling with their nicotine addiction after becoming hooked. I would have told her that it’s affecting everything about our school. I would tell her that many of my classmates still think these products are safe and non addictive — because that’s how they look — like candy.

I have been reading up on L.D. 1215, An Act to End the Sale of Flavored Tobacco Products, and as far as I can see the entire goal is to protect kids from becoming addicted. That is certainly a goal I’d like my city councilors to care about. Councilor Gary-Allen ends her letter by referencing the goal of creating a healthier and more equitable society for everyone. So, my question is, what about us? Don’t we deserve a healthy future? I hope that Reps. Bridgeo and LaRochelle vote to support L.D. 1215.


Batool Albraihi


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