Maine should pass Advanced Clean Cars II (ACCII), emissions standards that would require automakers to send more zero emission cars and trucks to Maine each year. The proposal expands consumer choices by giving Mainers access to more models of zero-emission cars and trucks each year, and ensures significant savings for Maine drivers, with electric vehicle refueling costs substantially lower than their gas counterparts. The flexibility embedded in the program ensures a feasible transition, and manufacturers have been clear that they will be able to meet the targets included in the program.

These standards build on decades of experience in Maine, adopting strong standards for tailpipe pollution and fuel efficiency and will cut climate pollution from cars and trucks by three-quarters.

Mainers want more clean cars. EVs on the road have tripled since 2020. Implementation of these standards aligns with the growing public interest and ensures Maine will receive more zero-emission vehicle options from automakers over time. It will bring more options for Maine drivers, reduce air pollution and help address climate change.

Maine has consistently adopted stricter emissions standards than the national ones, and failure to adopt the ACCII standards would be a major setback for the state and our environment. It would also limit the number and variety of electric vehicles available to Mainers as manufacturers would prioritize states with ACCII standards. We’ll be missing out on available vehicles if we do not pass this standard. For our climate, economy, and our residents, please join me in supporting ACCII.


Elizabeth Trehu


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