I would urge those who are thinking of not voting, because “the system is such a mess,” “they are all corrupt,” “I don’t like any of them,” or some such reason, to think again. The two major candidates are miles apart.

Re-electing Joe Biden will give us a path forward, on which we can work to improve things. Donald Trump’s plans will take away our rights and consolidate power with him. What he hopes to do with this power is take revenge on those who he feels were disloyal to him (usually by speaking the truth).

He has shown us time and time again that he has no respect for facts, little knowledge of history, or any understanding of what it is like to be less than privileged in this world. Additionally, his expressed admiration for many of the world’s dictators, in these turbulent times, should be enough to send us all to the ballot boxes to vote for Biden.

Let’s not throw away our democracy with another Trump presidency.

Deborah Hidu


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