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Welcome to Meetinghouse, a community storytelling project hosted by the On the first Sunday of every month we will publish short, autobiographical stories on one universal theme sent to us by readers. Every month will have a different theme, touching on a different aspect of life. No one can tell their whole life story in so few words, but, over time, these stories will come together to form a picture of our state and the people who live here. Jump in and read, but don’t stop there. Bang out a story of your own and send it to us for next month’s package.

— Editorial Page Editor

"Now We Can Laugh" - Published March 2019


On the first Sunday of each month and every Thursday for the rest of that month, we will publish stories by readers on the following topics:

“First Impressions” – deadline for submissions June 24.

“Up All Night” – deadline for submissions July 29.

Submissions should be roughly 200 to 500 words in length. Please include your name, hometown and a daytime phone number for verification. Also, give us a one-sentence description of who you are, and a digital photo of yourself or something that speaks to the theme of your piece.

Stories can be emailed to; or mailed to Meetinghouse, Portland Press Herald, P.O. Box 1460, Portland, ME 04104-5009 (mailed photos should include a return envelope).