JACKMAN — Residents at the annual Town Meeting Thursday night voted to approve a $1.8 million budget that is $1,000 less than the budget recommended by the budget committee and selectmen.

The approved budget is $1,844,580 and is $704,206 more than the 2012 budget of $1,140,374. The money will come from property tax, excise tax, surplus and other funds. The increase comes mostly from a grant the town received from the Federal Aviation Administration for improvements at Newport Field airport, said Town Manager Kathy MacKenzie. The amount to be collected from property taxes is $260,640.

Town officials said 45 registered voters and five non-voters attended the business portion of the meeting. There were 59 voters at the elections Wednesday.

The only change in the proposed budget was a decision to give $1,000 less than was recommended to the Moose River Valley Center.

Voters decided not to approve a request by a resident to turn Birch Street into a public easement. That decision would have made the road, which is a private road in a subdivision, eligible for town road maintenance.

“It was just something that people said they are not interested in at this time,” MacKenzie said.


In elections, Michael D. Begin and Allen R. Champagne were elected to the Utility District board of trustees for terms of three years. Begin received 47 votes, Champagne 45.

Deborah J. Petrin was elected to a three-year term on the School Administrative District 12 school board with 51 votes.

No candidates ran for the board of selectmen, but 13 names were written-in. Karen Finnegan received the most votes, 13, and Michael St. Peter received three. Francine Moore, Alan Champagne, Jayme French, Alan Gilbert, Francis Lacasse, Leon Gilbert, Missy Newman, Alan Duplessis, Deborah Petrin and Bill Cuddy all received one vote. However, the town ordinance mandates that a candidate must receive a majority of the votes to be elected to the board of selectmen.

A special election is scheduled for June 11 to fill the seat, said MacKenzie. Voters will also vote on the school budget and elect a candidate to the Utility District to replace Derek Hussey, who resigned.

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