“Blue Jasmine” A New York woman (Cate Blanchett) must move to San Francisco after a serious life crisis. 98 minutes (PG-13)

“Closed Circuit” Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall are two lawyers (and former lovers) whose lives are imperiled after they’re hired by a terrorist to defend him in court. 96 minutes (R)

“Elysium” Director Neill Blomkamp’s follow-up to his breakout debut hit “District 9” is another action-heavy sci-fi picture. In the near future, the world’s wealthiest 1 percent (led by Jodie Foster) will abandon our ruined planet and move into a mammoth space station orbiting Earth. The people left behind (including Matt Damon) are required to work in factories to keep the satellite running smoothly. 109 minutes (R)

“Lee Daniels’ The Butler” The Oscar season starts way early this year with the release of this star-studded drama that focuses on the experience of a White House butler (Forrest Whitaker) and his wife (Oprah Winfrey) over the course of several decades and administrations. Jane Fonda, John Cusack, Vanessa Redgrave, Robin Williams and Liev Schreiber are just some of the famous names that round out the cast. 132 minutes (PG-13)

“Monsters University” Pixar’s first prequel takes a look at how its “Monsters, Inc. stars, Mike and Sully (the voices of Billy Crystal and John Goodman), first met, in the ivied halls of a college campus where the multi-hued, multi-limbed, multi-eyeballed students learn how to be “scarers. Cute, funny, but not on the top tier when it comes to originality. 110 minutes (G)

“Mortal Instruments: City of Bones” Lily Collins stars in this adaptation of Cassandra Clare’s popular young adult novels as a teenage girl who discovers she is destined to become a demon slayer. 140 minutes (PG-13)

“One Direction: This Is Us” Morgan Spurlock (“Super Size Me”) directs this documentary recounting the meteoric rise of the British boy band. 92 minutes (PG)

“Planes” A cropduster (voiced by Dane Cook) dreams of competing in a famous aerial race. Yes, it does sound an awful lot like Pixar’s “Cars,” minus the Pixar. This one is just plain Disney. 92 minutes (PG)

“Red 2” Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren and John Malkovich return for this sequel about retired CIA operatives forced back into action. Anthony Hopkins and Catherine Zeta-Jones join in the fun. 126 minutes (PG-13)

“Riddick” Vin Diesel reprises his role as the sci-fi antihero Riddick, this time stranded on a planet of ferocious alien predators. 119 minutes (R)

“Second Wind” June Brown, Tamzin Outhwaite, Tamzin Merchant and Harriet Walter play spirited women who embark on new adventures at moments of transition in their lives. Beautifully shot in and around Cape Cod, “Second Wind” focuses on the lives of the Waters family, four generations of strong women, and their friends. Boston-based filmmaker Andrew Silver and screenwriter Marisa Smith will answer your questions after the screening, which they’ll introduce. 105 minutes (NR)

“The Smurfs 2” The diminutive magical blue beings known as Smurfs reunite with their human pals to rescue one of their kind from the clutches of the evil wizard Gargamel. With Neil Patrick Harris and Hank Azaria and voices of Katy Perry and Jonathan Winters. 102 minutes (PG)

“The Spectacular Now” An easygoing high school senior with alcohol issues starts to rethink his laid-back approach to life after meeting a bright, introverted dreamer. With Miles Teller, Shailene Woodley and Brie Larson. Written by Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber. Directed by James Ponsoldt. 105 minutes (R)

“Star Trek: Into Darkness” After the crew of the Enterprise find an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization, Captain Kirk leads a manhunt to a war-zone world to capture a one man weapon of mass destruction. 132 minutes (PG-13)

“The To Do List” In 1993, a strait-laced valedictorian looking to shed her uptight image creates a checklist of sexual escapades to accomplish before college. With Aubrey Plaza, Johnny Simmons, Alia Shawkat and Bill Hader. Written and directed by Maggie Carey. 104 minutes (R)

“2 Guns” Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg are two undercover agents whose identities are exposed while trying to infiltrate a drug cartel. Bullets will fly. 109 minutes (R)

“The Way, Way Back” A 14-year-old boy vacationing with his mother, her overbearing boyfriend and that man’s daughter finds an unexpected friend in the manager of a local water park. With Liam James, Sam Rockwell, Toni Collette and Steve Carrell. Written and directed by Nat Faxon and Jim Rash. 102 minutes (PG-13)

“We’re the Millers” In order to smuggle a large shipment of marijuana from Mexico to the United States, a pot dealer (Jason Sudeikis) hires a stripper (Jennifer Aniston) and two kids to pose as his family. 110 minutes (R)

“The World’s End” Simon Pegg and Nick Frost reunite with director Edgar Wright (“Shaun of the Dead,” “Hot Fuzz”) for this comedy about five old friends who try to finish a pub crawl they couldn’t pull off as teenagers. 139 minutes (R)

“Yojimbo” The incomparable Toshiro Mifune stars in Akira Kurosawa’s visually stunning and darkly comic Yojimbo. To rid a terror-stricken village of corruption, wily masterless samurai Sanjuro turns a range war between two evil clans to his own advantage. Remade twice, by Sergio Leone and MIFF 2006 Mid-Life Achievement Award honoree Walter Hill, this exhilarating genre-twister remains one of the most influential and entertaining films of all time. (NR)

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