A Rhode Island man was arrested today and charged with manslaughter as well as three other felonies in connection with a one-car crash on the Fourth of July in Thorndike.

The man, Alvaro Soares, 27, was driving from a family gathering with two passengers when the car struck a utility pole on Unity Road. Oscar Tizon-Brito, 23, a Peruvian national living in Rhode Island, was killed while Soares and his sister, Kelley Soares, 22, were both seriously injured.

Soares is charged with manslaughter, a Class A felony, aggravated criminal operating under the influence and reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon, both Class B felonies, aggravated driving to endanger, a Class C felony, and criminal speeding, a Class E misdemeanor.

Waldo County Deputy District Attorney Eric Walker said that an arrest warrant was issued for Soares, who lives in Rhode Island, earlier this week and he turned himself in today.

Soares, who Walker said is still suffering medical issues from the crash and believes Soares remains in a wheelchair, posted $50,000 unsecured bond and he can’t be in possession of drugs or alcohol. Soares also needs to turn over his passport.

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