My sister Edie and her son Ezra joined us for a terrific sea-side lunch here, allowing us to sample lots of different items on the extensive menu. Edie lives right across the street from Holbrook’s and eats here often. Now I know why!

My lobster quesadilla ($12) was really tasty — cheesy with a Cajun aioli and fresh salsa inside. All portions are large so, regrettably, we were too full to try the cobblers and crisps made by cashier Peg, but I can tell you that every single dish we tried, including the fish tacos and clam chowder (nicely salted with lots of clams and a creamy sauce), were exceptional. You can get all the traditional fried and fresh seafood meals including chowders and fish and chips, plus some really creative dishes, all at very reasonable prices.

Manager/chef Danny Gilmore, who lobsters in the winter (and his friendly crew works exceptionally hard) seven days a week, to give you a great experience.

The Gilmores lease the restaurant and nearby store from the Holbrook Community Foundation, formed in 2006 to preserve the working waterfront property here. The foundation even got a grant from the Land For Maine’s Future Fund to help achieve their goal. So yes, you have invested in this place! And you really must get down to see it and enjoy a fine Maine coast meal.


Picture the quintessential setting on the Maine coast and you have Holbrook’s. Their deck seating juts out over the harbor — a perfect place to spend a summer afternoon or evening. Choose outside sunny or shaded seating, sit down and enjoy the view after placing your order at the window. Take in the boats cruising around or arriving for lunch, gentle breezes to cool you off and lobster buoys bouncing on the waves.

There is plenty on this menu to please all taste buds. Of course there is a good variety of the freshest seafood, but I was pleasantly surprised to see so many choices for someone who doesn’t enjoy seafood. Edie raved about the summer salad ($6) so we shared one. It was light and refreshing with blueberries, strawberries, Gorgonzola, candied walnuts and a strawberry dressing.

I had pretty much settled on Chicken Tenders (something I’d enjoyed here last year), until I noticed the daily special — Crispy Pork Tacos ($8). They know how to make tacos here, for they had double corn tortillas to hold all the fillings. Awesome. The pork was crispy and flavorful, and the fresh housemade salsa made these stand out even more. Let’s just say there was nothing left at the end of my meal! I’d ordered onion rings for my side and was so happy I did. These had a crunchy outside coating and tender sweet onions inside. Delicious.

This is a popular place. Clearly residents nearby have found this gem and visit often. Many bring out-of-state visitors for an ideal summer meal. Our vast array of food arrived quite fast. I later asked how they are able to get so many orders out so fast. Danny explained that the cooking team has been together pretty much from the start (four years now), and they work well together. If you haven’t found your way to Cundy’s Harbor yet, Holbrook’s is a great excuse to go!

Edie Smith

Growing up and living all your life in Maine often means you can become immune to its unique character and beauty. That is why I am grateful for the time I clicked on Craigslist while looking for a new apartment near the water in the Brunswick area, and I found Cundy’s Harbor. Since arriving here, with the beautiful inlets, noisy lobster boats, and 24/7 goings-on of a working waterfront literally outside my doorstep, I have come to appreciate even more how truly special Maine is.

Holbrook’s Lobster Wharf and Grille, managed by Danny Gilmore, and right outside my doorstep, is the real deal. Lobsters right out of the water, the friendliest and hardest working people I have had the joy to meet. And the food, oh, the food. My favorites (and I haven’t tried everything yet, as the menu is ridiculously extensive) are the summer salad, the seafood quiche, the haddock sandwich and a burger that should put every McDonalds out of business. The sweet potato fries are crisp on the outside and soft on the inside and the onion rings are near perfection. Strawberry-rhubarb pie — well, let’s just say I eat the crust first, then leave the pile of rhubarb for last because the crust is a delight all by itself.

Great-nephew Quinn ate here last week and gave his seal of approval at the age of 18 months by wolfing down his grilled cheese and continuing right through to his napkin. Mom Devon stopped him when we realized he had eaten a big hole in the paper napkin. That was even tasty!

I enjoy seeing people come to Cundy’s to enjoy the Grille, the docks, the gift shop, the store (free WiFi) and enjoy the real Maine. It is family friendly, kid friendly and pet friendly. It’s a working waterfront and it’s a blessing to be a part of it.

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