ORONO — The following Maine students, listed by county, were named to the 2017 fall semester dean’s list at the University of Maine.

Androscoggin County

Linnea Barnard, Isabel Bassett, Alexis Bellefleur, Sophie Charest, Zachary Danse, Cameron Dubay, Sarah Hammond, Emily Hayes, Kaylee Jipson, Taylor Landry, Jordan Lau, Ryan Libbey, Dylan Miller, Emma Paradie, Evan Raymond, Drew Tiner, Hadley Wallace, Jake Willows, all of Auburn.

Also, Jack Bruce and Madeline Wilkes, both of Durham; Callie Greco, Clifford Greco, Nicole Hofacker and Trevor Lessard, all of Greene; Jacob Gladu and Trent Swengel, both of Leeds; Hannah Carr, Olivia Dam, Jazlyn Dumas, Sophia Grallert, Cameron Raymond and Spencer Ward, all of Lewiston.

Also, Jasmin Le, of Lisbon; Samantha Bolduc, Dillon Clifford and Charles Sult, all of Lisbon Falls; William Brenner and Jacob Foss, both of Livermore; Allison Emery, Hope Kohtala and Gabrielle Smith, all of Mechanic Falls; Marissa Zink, of Minot; Joshua Abrams, Erin Brewer, Elizabeth Champagne, Quinn Ferguson, William Foster, Paisley Keene, Jada Lamb, Chelsea Martin, Matthew Rabasco, Vincent Russo and Emily Whittemore, all of Poland.

Also, Kayla Gayton and Timothy O’Brien, both of Sabattus; and Abigail Day, Brianna DeGone, Julia Dillingham, Emma Fournier, Zachary Goulette, Noah Lovejoy, Chad Morin, Allie Nutting, William Parkin, Matthew Thibodeau and Hannah Varney, all of Turner.


Franklin County

Noah Fournier, of Carrabassett Valley; Isiah Brown, Alexander Chandler, Daniel Lesko, Nathan Pratt-Holt, Casey Rogers and Savannah Swain, all of Farmington; Hanna Deon and Miles Pelletier, both of Industry; Jasmine Bussiere, Austin Gilboe, Joshua Horne, Lucas Preble and Jenna Sanders, all of Jay.

Also, Isaiah Reid, Eliza Sitz and Mallory Toothaker, all of Kingfield; Haley Morrill, of Rangeley; Tanager Karchenes, of Stratton; Ivy Mitman, Reilly Romanoski and McKenzie Tyler, all of Strong; Sojourn Granquist, of West Farmington; and Jessie Hutchinson, Abigail Wallace, both of Wilton.

Kennebec County

Daniel Heard, of Albion; David Audet, Jaimi Clifford, Brandon Emerson, Mckenzie Green, Jens Hansen, Lauren Hubbard, Sydney Ieng, Courtney King, Andrew Levesque, Victoria Lovejoy, Joshua Poland, Nicholas Seile, Liam Stokes and Eric Sullivan, all of Augusta.

Also, Lucia Guarnieri, Sawyer Michaud and Josiah Paradis, all of Belgrade; Alexa Frame, of Belgrade Lakes; Kaylee Brann and Trevor Marin, both of Benton; Christopher Daggett and Kasidy Turgeon, both of Chelsea; Aaron Brown, Hannah Meidahl, Sierra Savage and Lilla Tilton-Flood, all of Clinton; Josie Champagne, Zachary Hale, Trevor Hamblet, Paige Hanson, Kiana Letourneau and Taylor Rolfe, all of Fairfield.


Also, Clara Irvine, Anna Schaab, Marissa Smith, Margaret Somers and Olivia Welch, all of Farmingdale; Abigail Despres, Natalie Harmon and Olivia Swimm, all of Fayette; Jared Alexander, of Gardiner; Erin Ballew, Jarod Dye and Adam Fullmer, all of Hallowell.

Also, Brady Andrews, Jeremiah Childs, Christiana Daigle, Hannah Nadeau, Cassidy Tibbetts, Siera Tibbetts and Trevor Tufts, all of Litchfield; Kelsey Broad, Caden Brown, Melissa Garand, Mair Guillemette, Eric Manley, Mary-Margaret Manley and Benjamin McLaughlin, all of Manchester.

Also, Shannon Buzzell, Amelia Freeman, Brandon Goff, Kaitlyn Kerrigan, Angus Koller, Anna Kulinski, Brianna Mosher, Madison Neal, Paul Ruopp and Emmeline Willey, all of Monmouth; Lily Bragg and Zachary Holman, both of Mount Vernon; Emily Barnett and Sidney Wilson, both of North Monmouth.

Also, Benjamin Schaff, Joshua Schaff, Breanna Scoville, Cody Stevens, James Stevens and Emily Warren, all of Oakland; Bradley Bailey, Andrew Moran and Matthew St. Jarre, all of Randolph; Kaitlyn Chick, Taylor Cray, Mitchell Fellows, Grace Kavanah, Kelby Mace, Eleanor Nazar, Ashley Russell and Kelcey Thornton, all of Readfield.

Also, Lillian DeLisle and Jordan Pelletier, both of Rome; Kyle Bernier, Kyle Gleason, Taylor Lenentine, Kathryn Mercier and Daniel Paradis, all of Sidney; Lilja Bernheim, Jacob Boudreau, Justin Harris, Kaitlyn Hayward and James Poulin, all of South China; Taylor Bailey, Joseph Connelly, Nicholas Gayer and Sidney Rodrigue, all of Vassalboro.

Also, Michael Ayers, Alan Baez, Rachael Bergeron, Kellie Bolduc, Melissa Buzzell, Jennifer MacArthur, Morgan Pellerin, Anthony Pinnette, Nicole Pinnette, Waleed Rahmatullah, Amy Samson, Todd Serbent, Savannah Tuttle and Katherine Vince, all of Waterville.


Also, Nicole Castonguay, Rachel Castonguay and Jason Stevenson, all of Wayne; Jeffrey Bilodeau, Kristin Cosgrove, Emalee Couture and Deven Walker, all of West Gardiner; Jordan Bowie and Emma Wilkinson, both of Windsor.

Also, Haley Campbell, Treva Campbell, Nicole Fletcher, Adam Green, Sierra Harmon, Cody Maroon, Hunter McCaslin, Madison Morneault, Rachel Sirois, Gabriel Smith and Raymond Spaulding, all of Winslow; and Matthew Ingram, Kyle Keezer, Lydia Lavoie, Andrew Pazdziorko, Brianna Smith and Garrett Tsouprake, all of Winthrop.

Knox County

Natalie Hamalainen, Cory Johnson, Samuel Jordan and Sarah Mitchell, all of Camden; Emily Wotton, of Friendship; John Davee, Tristan Fong, Hanna Karas and Henry Laurita, all of Hope; Alexis Pine, of Owls Head; Renee Landry, Kaitlyn McCullough and Nathan Soule, all of Rockland.

Also, Matthew Ackley, Hannah Brownawell, Molly Davee, Kathryn McMorrow, Ryan Pierce and Lindsay Taylor, all of Rockport; Maggie Drinkwater, Rachel Johnson, Sarah Penney and Emily Protheroe, all of South Thomaston; Kendra Finnegan, of Thomaston; Jane van der Schaaf, of Union.

Also, Andrea Shane, of Vinalhaven; Sophie Cohen, Amber Hagin, Kaitlyn Hanson, Benjamin Turner and Adam Wilcox, all of Warren; Antyna Gould, Jane Horovitz, Patrick Madden and Bailey McCaffery, all of Washington; and Hilary Merrifield, of West Rockport.


Lincoln County

Andrew Hutchins, of Alna; Kylemartin Alamo, of Boothbay; Chyanne Rogers and Zachary Vise, both Boothbay Harbor; Teiga Martin and Timothy Wells, both of Bremen; Harrison Ransley, of Bristol; Noah Begin, Devin Scherer and Thilee Yost, all of Damariscotta.

Also, Taylor Houdlette, of Dresden; Bennett Scully, of Edgecomb; Abigail Farrin, Julia Fasano and Bernard York, all of Jefferson; Alice Gluchanicz, of New Harbor; Dorothy Hodous, Round Pond; Phoenix Throckmorton-Hansford, of Somerville; Erica Eames, of Southport; Madison Stahle, of Trevett.

Also, Noel Buendia, Lauren Guptill, Shania Melvin, Alison Nolan, Olivia Pennington and Patrick White, all of Waldoboro; Jocelyn Magnusen, of Whitefield; and Aidan Carlson, Maeve Carlson, Matthew Mills, Remy Segovia and Hannah Welborn, all of Wiscasset.

Sagadahoc County

Rachel Detwiler, Sean Detwiler and Olivia Shipsey, all of Arrowsic; Madison Burch, Dylan Crowell, Keegan Denery, Amy Franklin, Cole Hillis, Spencer Lindsley, Paige Martin, Damon Osmond, Helen Reese, Micheal Stinson, Kaylee Walker and Tyler Wallace, all of Bath.


Also, Mikala Dwelley, Thomas Giggey, Colin Ingalls, Christine Levesque, Abigail Morgan and Madysyn Rosenberg, all of Bowdoin; Gustav Anderson, Lauren Chandler and Ian Fernald, all of Phippsburg; Hunter Curtis, Paige Emerson and Vanessa Lee, all of Richmond.

Also, Chelsea Crawford, Jacob Demosthenes, Alex Denis, Dylan Earl-Johnson, Thomas Emerson, Henry Gilson, Christopher Giroux, Emma Hutchinson, Brian Messmer, Sabrina Paetow, Michelle Pelletier, Joseph Reed, Rachel Thieme and Olivia Watson, all of Topsham; Baylie Cram, of West Bath; and Kaitlyn Dube, Paden Stanton and Jeremy Thiboutot, of Woolwich.

Somerset County

Sara Taylor, of Anson; Lanie Howes, of Athens; Cody Laweryson, of Bingham; Sarah Tracy, of Canaan; Hunter Smith, of Cornville; Leah Carron, Detroit; Carroll Chapman, Embden; Bailey Carter and Ciera Poulin, both of Fairfield; Arend Thibodeau, Harmony; Lydia Elwell, of Hartland.

Also, Patricia Lessard and Ian West, both of Jackman; Grace Cowan, Allison Dean, Jacob Girgis, Joshua Girgis and Sydney McDonald, all of Madison; Jaycee Cushman, Emily Greaney, Jason Hilton and Megan Hooper, all of Mercer; Jordan Belanger, of Moscow.

Also, Benjamin Lyman, Kaelie Merrill, Logan Merrill and Zoe Perkins, all of Norridgewock; Laura Freudenberger, Ryan LaGross and Morganne Robinson, all of Palmyra; Alexander Audet, Marshall Lawler, Cassandra Miller and Anna Olsen, all of Pittsfield; Also, Allen Kimball and Zachary Ramsdell, both of Saint Albans.


Also, Abigail Weigang, of Shawmut; Kaleb Austin, Maria Beaulieu, Kirstie Belanger, Nicolette Curran, Brooke Curtis, Michaela Lewia, Sadie Libby, Alanna Luther, Julia Meade and Alanna Wacome, all of Skowhegan; Eben Lenfest and Tanner Towle, both of Smithfield; Brandon Dixon, Allyn Foss, Morgen Pluntke and Andrew Wilson, all of Solon; and Lauren Heulitt, of The Forks Plantation.

Waldo County

Lucie Bonneville, Maylinda Boynton, Allison DellaMattera, Bingying Dong, Ashley Flanders, Patrick Groening, Emily Harriman, Marc McKinney, Mika McKinney, Tracey McKinney and Anna Struba, all of Belfast; Justin Tozier, of Belmont; Micaela Ellis, of Brooks.

Also, Eliana Bergdoll, of Burnham; Kaitlyn Robinson, of Frankfort; Briana Littlefield, of Freedom; Sierra Fonger, of Jackson; Seth Davis and Emily Lewis, both of Liberty; Brendan Carey, Carrie Milner, Patric Mooers and Matthew Watts, all of Lincolnville; Emily English, of Monroe; Aine Foley and Skye Siladi, both of Montville; Hunter Merchant and Thomas Sigler, both of Northport.

Also, Olivia Bradstreet, Christina Claudel, Abigail Glidden, Ryan Hamel, all of Palermo; Cassidy Hill, Sadee Mehuren, Roger Quehl and Collin Whitney, all of Searsmont; Dagan Berenyi and Ellie Damuck, both of Searsport; Bailey West, of Stockton Springs; Kasey McLeod, of Swanville; Edward Angelo, of Troy; and Bailey Perkins, Samantha Ricker and Elizabeth Willard, all of Winterport.

Students who received dean’s list honors completed 12 or more credit hours in the semester and earning a grade point average of 3.5 or higher.

Please note that some students have requested that their information not be released; therefore, their names are not included.

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