I am a vegetarian with spiritual beliefs. I just recently learned that most prescribed and over-the-counter medications are derived from animal sources, and I am devastated to learn that I have been putting them in my body for decades.

I just learned that most prescribed medication capsules come from gelatin made from beef, pork, or other animal sources. Gelatin can also be derived from plant sources, so one would assume that prescription medications are made from non-animal sources. It is completely unethical not to have this information in packaging or online. Also consider the fact that many people have allergies or religious or cultural beliefs that do not permit them to eat certain animals.

Why are these companies not required to disclose this information? There are a lot of people who would never think that most medications, prescribed and OTC medications are made from animal sources or are tested on animals.

Please take the time to email your local legislators to express your concerns, or call your pharmacies to ensure where your medications are coming from.

Jamie Sylvain


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