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At a time when we have a federal indictment against some Russians for undermining our democracy through sending the public skewed, divisive and false propaganda through the media, it is imperative that you be vigilant about what you choose for your front page and what you imply as fact.

On Feb. 17, the headline of “Russians charged with meddling” appeared on A3 while the “FBI failed” headline referring to the Parkland shooting appeared on the front page. This gives me pause on what you think is more factual or important.

Is a months-long, independent investigation’s indictment of the Russians who were obstructing the function of the U.S. government less important than an individual statement by Attorney General Jeff Sessions that has not yet been thoroughly examined? Today the Russians are applauding you for sowing the seeds of doubt and division so that we, the people, distrust every part of our government before we have all the facts.

Are you another “unwitting individual” who the Russians are using to “obstruct the lawful functions of the United States government through … deceit”?

Holly Weidner


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