On Feb. 9, Gov. Paul LePage, by the manner in which he underhandedly closed the Downeast Correctional Facility, proved beyond any reasonable doubt that he is certainly no supporter of Maine employees, their families, their community or the financial stability of the region they live and work in.

Machias and the Downeast area are likely the worst economically depressed areas in Maine. A state prison facility may not be the most glamorous business to have and, yes, it undoubtedly needs refurbishing, but it provided a living to several families and therefore businesses in that area.

The manner in which the action was taken is extremely cowardly and shows no respect for anyone. It was also a slap in the face of the Legislature working on a possible long-term solution.

What does LePage actually expect these people to do? He’ll be even unhappier when they all have to depend on welfare.

Mention was made in the Feb. 10 newspaper of a possible new work-release facility, a University of Maine at Machias research hub, enhanced regional transportation and shipping options, with the words “economic development engine of a region.” When, how, who? November can’t get here fast enough.

Pat Clark


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