Earlier this year I met Jared Golden, who is running in the Democratic primary for the House of Representatives from 2nd Congressional District. He is the right candidate to unseat Republican Rep. Bruce Poliquin.

Jared grew up in Leeds, served in the Marines and then graduated from Bates. He was elected to the Maine House in 2014, where he moved into a leadership position in 2016.

You can review his positions and goals on his website, but my comments are on who this man is. Jared has a low-key, thoughtful approach to issues. Unlike Bruce Poliquin, he has no fear of opposing opinions. He is curious to understand other points of view. He is not dogmatic and takes his service, whether in the military or the Legislature, seriously. He works hard for his constituents. He understands the struggle to make ends meet in the real world.

At the same time he knows how a legislature works. He is willing to, and successful at, working across the aisle. He will give a straight answer to difficult questions which reflect not only his opinion on an issue, but also the political realities that may impact the implementation of a proposal.

Jared represents a new brand of Democrat, reestablishing the link to the people this party used to represent. This is where change for the better will occur. He will go to Washington to serve us, not wealthy outsiders.

Please join me in supporting Jared Golden as he becomes our next representative to Congress.

Roger Renfrew


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