I recently had the opportunity to meet Lucas St. Clair and listen to his presentation to a group of concerned citizens in Dexter. What a breath of fresh air.

Here was a man who, against great odds, brought a large project from a dream to reality. He and his mother faced, from some, bitter opposition. However, he listened to the opposition, treated them with respect, and even made some accommodating changes on their behalf. This is the way we should be dealing with each other in the America I believe in.

St. Clair is a man who will not hide from or be inaccessible to his constituents. This is a man who will listen to all points of view with respect. This is a man who can see a hard-sell idea or project through to fruition. This is a man who will do what he truly believes is best for the majority (not just a minority) of his constituents. This is a man you will be able to believe, trust, and be proud of. He is a cut above, in my opinion.

Please give Lucas St. Clair the serious consideration he deserves when you are making your decision about who should be our next U.S. representative from the 2nd Congressional District.

Gordon Canning


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