I am writing in support of Alan Plummer for House District 88 (Chelsea, Whitefield, Jefferson, Nobleboro). I know Alan to be a thoughtful veteran and educator. He is an active listener with a focus on our communities’ day-to-day needs.

Alan understands the needs of the hard-working American family. He has experienced putting children through college and making a living on an educator’s salary. He comes from modest means.

Alan has been active in community issues, and helps bridge the gap between progress and tradition. For example, he is well informed on the issue of site plan changes in Chelsea; and supportive of small businesses and residences alike — a person with the ability to make effective compromises.

Alan can win in November against the Republican candidate, because he knows our towns and is respected by a broader cross section of voters. Vote for Plummer on June 12.

Michael Gervais


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