WATERVILLE — Mid-Maine Technical Center recently announced the following students were named to the fourth-quarter honor roll for the 2017-18 academic year.

Students from Lawrence, Messalonskee, Waterville Senior and Winslow high schools, Maine Academy of Natural Sciences, Maine Virtual Academy, Temple Academy and Waterville Alternative Education attend MMTC.

Automotive Collision Repair — high honors: Jacob Bickford and Holden Pressey, both of LHS.

Honors: Christian Adams, of LHS; Dalton Anderson, Julia Schutz and Dakota Spellman, all of WSHS; Dakota Benson, Devlin Braun and Eric Tracy, all of WHS; and Ryan Plante, of MHS.

Automotive Technology — Honors: Jacob Bilodeau, Joshua Dow, Jacob Harris, Izaac Hatt, Brock LeClair, Nikolas Pomerleau and Seth Richard, all of LHS; Braydon Busque, of WHS; Levi Day and Mason Hapworth, both of MeANS; and Daniel Henderson, of MHS.

Culinary Arts — High honors: Elijah Austin, of TA; Courtney Day, of LHS; Gage Derbyshire, of MHS; and Anthony Nabarowsky, of WSHS


Honors: Tori Babb, Jasmine Freeman and Keenan Janeski, all of WHS; Damon Beck, Nicholas Hall and Desiree Loring, all of WSHS; and Jordaan Grass, of LHS.

Criminal Justice — High honors: Brandon Davis, of WHS; Michaela Huey and Bryce Scott, both of LHS; and James Pino and Kaiya Worthing, both of MHS.

Honors: Louis Belserene, James Blakeslee, Michael Estes, Garrett Greene and Dawson Poulin, all of MHS; Kevin Collins, Samuel Craig, Dean Cubbin and Dean Douglass, all of LHS; Brianna Quirion, of WSHS; and Jenna Ross, of WHS.

Construction Technology — High honors: William Bean, Ian Douin and Jacob Washburn, all of MHS; and Nicholas Dessent and Jackson Fortin, both of LHS.

Honors: Parker Brunelle, Noah Cummings, Adam Fisher, Carl Frost and Keegan Poulin, all of MHS; Tristan Hotham, Christopher Jacques, Jared Smith, all of WHS; Thomas Kenney and Blayze Newman, of LHS; and Odessa Russell, of WSHS.

CTE Academy — High honors: Sebastian Bouchard, Wesley O’Neal and Caleb Welsh, all of WHS; and Madaya Kavis, Peter Lai and Jared Sioch, all of WSHS.


Honors: Trent Andreozzi, Katie Chase, Logan Courtois and Nicholas Gage, all of WSHS; Austin Arsenault, Benjamin Edman, Taylor Edman, Melayna Porter and Brian Powell, all of MHS; Chad Bickford, Wyatt Hood, Ross Hughes and Ethan Matthews, all of WHS; and Tylar Witham, of LHS.

Early Childhood Education — High honors: Marissa Carpenter and Savannah Vigue, both of WHS; Mackenzie Ferreira and Lilyan Foster, both of WSHS; AlexisJordan Lizotte, of MHS; and Samantha Marshall, of LHS.

Honors: Kaitlyn Damon, of WHS; Alexia Dumont, Madison Foster and Bailee Spencer, all of LHS; Tasha Kavis and Destini Richardson, both of WSHS; and Cheyenne York, of WALT.

Electrical Technology — Honors: Tyler Bard, Kyle Carpenter, Gavin Herrin and Brandon Wentworth, all of LHS; Isaac Foshay, of TA; Braden Noonan, of WSHS; Matthew Phillips, of WHS; and Nicolas Veilleux, of MHS.

Emergency Services — High honors: Jared Goss, of WHS; and Lawrence Lawler, of LHS.

Honors: Ryan Bowman, Zachary Campbell, Ashley Leighton, Justin Seamans, all of LHS; Coby Dangler, of WSHS; and Madison Jacobs and Arnold Maroney, both of WHS.


Information Technology — High honors: Gareth Belton, Matthew Redman and Jacob Taylor, all of WSHS; Joseph Chace and Hunter Loder, both of LHS; Jacob DeRaps and Dominic Eccleston, both of WHS; and Thomas LaPlante, Kai McGlauflin and Dean Simpson, all of MHS.

Honors: Jacob Bigelow and Fox Gleason, both of WHS; Noah Morissette, all of WHS; David Hreben, of MHS; and Cameron Campbellton and Louis Moody, both of LHS.

Medical Careers — High honors: Kaylee Burbank, Kayla Koroski, Abbey Prescott and Madison St. Pierre, all of MHS; and Emma Jones and Sierra Lee, both of WSHS.

Honors: Annie Caron, Caitlynne Scamman and Morgan Veilleux, all of MHS; Alicia Collentro and Hannah Crommett, both of LHS; and Ashley LaChance, Madison Roy and Paige Trask, all of WHS.

Mass Media Communications — High honors: Derrick Butler, Clayton Hoyle and Gracie Vicente, all of MHS; James Lauzon and Luca Thamattoor, both of WSHS; and Joshua Stevens, of LHS.

Honors: Trevor Burrows, Hunter Harwood, Sabrina Hinkledire, Paul Maxell and Lucas Pelotte, all of WSHS; Roslin Desiderio, Jasmine Lambert and Gabriel Lenfestey, all of MHS; and Christian McPherson, of WHS.

Precision Machining — High honors: Joshua Bisson, Jacob Kershner, Jared Lambert and Sean Rooney, all of WHS; Cooper Collins, of LHS; Jacob Poulin and Matthew White, all of LHS; ColbyAlexander Doone, Geoffrey Fotter, Delsin Klein and Daniel Miller, all of MHS; and Derrick Lyons, of WSHS.

Honors: Hunter Alexander, of MHS; and Cole Lambert, of LHS.