I’m in complete agreement with the editorial on a free press (“Our View: A free press is the best defense against tyranny,” Aug. 16). The open democracy that we are privileged to have in America is fragile and highly dependent upon ethical, objective, independent, accurate and trustworthy journalism in which freedom of the press is guaranteed by the Constitution.

History is replete with examples of tyrants and despots who told lies, couldn’t be trusted, were power hungry, and who slammed the press because journalists (rightly) criticized the so-called leader. One of the first things a would-be tyrant does is to try to discredit and then control the media.

Meanwhile, in today’s digital world, information on the Internet and social media cannot always be trusted — intentional disinformation and inaccurate, untruthful information are pervasive.

We need our legitimate newspapers to keep us informed and as a check and balance against misguided politicians.

Dennis Lovejoy

Fairborn, Ohio

(formerly of Augusta)

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