Brett Kavanaugh is a threat to all workers and I hope that both Sens. Susan Collins and Angus King oppose his nomination. Since his time as a Bush White House insider, he has done his best to erode workers’ rights and protections while siding with large corporations and the wealthy. This is his established work record.

A few years ago at SeaWorld a professional trainer was killed at work by a whale, the park’s fourth trainer death. OSHA investigated, found safety violations, and issued a citation for this preventable death of that worker. SeaWorld appealed, and the court said the OSHA citation was valid. Kavanaugh disagreed, and in his dissent described this professional trainer’s work as “playing with dangerous animals” and questioned whether workers should be “protected from themselves.”

I am a welder at Bath Iron Works and have worked there for 30 years. Every day I am grateful for safety laws and regulations. They are what allow me and my co-workers to return home to our families at the end of the day. If the time should come when — like the SeaWorld trainer — I do not live through the work day, I don’t want my family to hear someone who is paid with my own tax dollars say I was just “playing with dangerous tools” and shouldn’t need “protection from myself.”

I am proud of the ships we build in Bath and hope we get a Supreme Court justice who is capable of respecting the efforts of ordinary people like me.

Robert Jacobs


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