Skowhegan is an Indian name. Skowhegan is the only known town in the world with this name. We have the largest Indian statue in the world. This town was built on Indian heritage and Indian pride. Now, a few that have taken over political power have turned the course for our town (“After vote to retire Skowhegan ‘Indians’ nickname, more details and debate expected in coming weeks,” March 8).

No more Indian heritage or pride. It can’t stop now, the Indian statue must go. A lot of people say to destroy it, I say no. It has to be of value in another place — auction it and put the money towards a new floor and removal of the murals at the school. This work has to be done now with the change. Why should the good many taxpayers who were against the change pay for it? The Indian statue can pay.

After this, change our name. At first we were called Bloomfield and Milburn. One of these names would be great, not offensive to anyone. This is what needs to be done.


Rod Worster

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