Central and northern Maine is being railroaded by Central Maine Power, the Public Utilities Commission, our governor and some members of Congress.

While campaigning for governor, Janet Mills declared protection for Maine against the transmission line. Once in office she turned against us.

We know such a corridor will destroy the environmental system, economy, wildlife and tourism upon which central and northern Maine businesses and residents depend on for survival.

The residents of central and northern Maine will never recover. We should not be forced to suffer destruction. Our grandchildren and great-grandchildren and beyond should not be sacrificed to profit and benefit those in power and those who are greedy.

We will never see any benefits. CMP rates will continue to rise, with the support of the PUC, Massachusetts customer electric rates will be reduced and this man-made disaster will destroy all of Maine in the end.

Greed is not just dirty; it’s cruel and unnecessary. But greed is what is driving this project.


Essie Golden


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