Veterans should be honored because they’ve done so much for me, you, and everyone in our country. So if you ever see a veteran wearing their uniform when you’re out in about in the world, go up to them, don’t be scared, and say, “Thank you for your service.” I bet they will be a little shocked because a lot of people don’t ever tell them that.

Veterans are some of the bravest people in our country and they should be respected more than they are sometimes. So don’t let what they’ve done for America not be heard about or noticed for our future generations.

Always remember what veterans have done for us to protect our freedoms and provide us safety. Don’t let bad history about bad things that have happened to veterans be repeated. I have several veterans in my family so that’s why I truly understand why they should be respected — I know what veterans do for us. 

My dad, brother, mom, grandpa, and several cousins are all veterans. My dad was in the Army and Maine Air National Guard. My brother was in the Marine Corps and then also went into the Maine Air National Guard. My mom was in Army Aviation when she was younger. My grandfather was in the Marine Corps. And I also have several cousins in the Air Force and Army.

Thank you for your service to all the veterans out there — including all of my amazing relatives!

Bella Morrill 

Grade 8 

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