Tony Marple should be commended for his steadfast concern about climate change. His support for the New England Clean Energy Connect (NECEC) project, however, is wrong (“Western Maine power line needed to fight climate change,” Oct. 28).

The Maine Public Utilities Commission ignored economic research by the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee that showed that energy from Hydro-Quebec would not help climate change. They also ignored evidence from an MIT earth sciences professor that proved that energy from Hydro-Quebec is not clean energy.

I spend two months each year fly fishing the remote ponds in the western Maine mountains for native brook trout (I will have to fly fish elsewhere if NECEC is implemented). I do not encounter any industrial infrastructure on these trips. All I see is a beautiful boreal forest that will be forever destroyed if a 300-foot-wide-by-53.8-mile-long clear cut with 100-foot-high transmission towers is allowed to be built in the middle of the western Maine mountains.

If Marple and others believe that the NECEC will fight climate change, they should advocate for its competitor project called the New England Clean Power Link in Vermont that is fully licensed and ready to go.


John Nicholas


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