On Tuesday morning in Vassalboro, Peter Reny, 74, opened the door to a time capsule. He flipped on a radio to play 1950s’ rock ‘n’ roll, fished through a tray of loose screws, then turned to face the stately black 1927 Ford Model T Fordor that he’d been working on until late the night before.

Reny, who owns Antiques and Classic Fords, replaced a starter and installed a windshield visor before finishing cosmetic work on the car. The 93-year-old vehicle is in 75% original condition. The vehicle was trailered and towed Down East, back to Gouldsboro, where an older man who appreciates the beauty and simplicity of a Model T Ford was eager to get his car back. He drove one as a kid, Reny said.

The tall, squared car rumbled confidently down Main Street in Vassalboro during a test drive. Reny used both forward and reverse gears during the drive, checking and double checking the horn for good measure. The car’s four-cylinder motor produces 21 horsepower with a cruising speed of 35 miles per hour. Reny said the owner would likely “get in it right away and drive it.”

Peter Reny test drives a 1927 Ford Model T Fordor after repairing the car Tuesday at his Vassalboro garage. Reny washed the car before delivering it to its owner in Gouldsboro. Also shown are a 1925 Model T, left, and a 1920 Model T touring car. Rich Abrahamson/Morning Sentinel Buy this Photo

Eight different models of Ford Model T were produced that year, according to Reny. The one in the garage, made in Detroit, was one step below the top model offered.

The Fordor is a closed car with windows all around and room for five. The back windows offer a touch of comfort and privacy with the original tasseled pull shades. The starter was optional equipment that year and could be ordered for about $35, or $515.59 in today’s dollars. The Ford Model T Fordor cost $545 plus freight in 1927, or $8,028.54 today.

Pairing his appreciation for historic Fords with years of mechanical experience, Reny helps others realize their dreams. He’s restored, repaired and sold vintage Fords to people who never had time to restore a car, yet still appreciate owning and driving a vintage automobile.

After returning the car to its owner, Reny received a call. The owner said he was very happy. “He drove it in the driveway, practiced in the backyard, then took it on the road,” Reny said.

Cars were a big part of Reny’s life even before he graduated from Winslow High School, Class of 1965. At 14, he got his first car, a 1933 Plymouth with an L head six-cylinder motor. He traded it for his first Ford, a 1957 Country Squire Wagon. It was brown with white trim and had room for six. The car was a hit with his friends. Some would even hop over the second seat and into the back, Reny said.

In the 1970s he got his first Ford Model T. Since then he’s owned more than 100 different Model T’s, Model A’s and V-8 Fords. He currently maintains a collection of 30 Fords from 1915 to 1955.

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