Recently, I found my way to a site that has intrigued me since the first time I saw it from the River Rail Trail: the Kennebec Arsenal. I was dismayed to see that the property — a site on the National Register of Historic Places and a designated National Historic Landmark — is boarded up and languishing. When Neiman Capital of Durham, N.C., acquired the property in 2007, it agreed to a covenant “to preserve, maintain, and repair the property in order to retain its value.” It appears that no active efforts have been made to comply with the covenant.

Maine Preservation calls for a comprehensive development plan for the Kennebec Arsenal and suggests a number of options for future use of the property. I am flummoxed by the failure of the city of Augusta, Kennebec County, and the state of Maine to develop such a plan to save the Kennebec Arsenal from further deterioration and to develop the property for public and private use.

The historical significance and beauty of its location could make the Kennebec Arsenal another economic and cultural asset for the Capital area.

Dr. Judith Whiting

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