Sabin Lomac, co-owner of Cousins Maine Lobster, is on a roll. And we’re not talking about a lobster roll.

Sabin Lomac from Cousins Maine Lobster, in a scene from “Grill of Victory.” Photo courtesy Food Network

Lomac – who grew up in Scarborough, launched his food truck business with the help of the TV show Shark Tank, and has spent the past few years developing a side gig as a TV host – is now starring, as the host and a judge, on a new Food Network show called “Grill of Victory,” a barbecue competition that premieres at 10 p.m. Monday. The show focuses on three home cooks who compete in three rounds of grilling challenges for a chance at winning a custom outdoor kitchen.

Lomac has filmed six hour-long episodes of the new show. In the first episode, the contestants start by making their own version of Southern chicken. Round 2 features a coastal seafood dish, and the final round is surf and turf.

Lomac and Jim Tselikis, his cousin and business partner, recently co-hosted another Food Network show called “Food Truck Rehab.” The pair is waiting to hear if the Food Network is going to order more episodes of that show, according to a Cousins Maine Lobster spokesperson.

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