Lots of talk recently about former Vice President Dick Cheney accompanying his daughter, Rep. Liz Cheney, to the House chamber’s observance on Jan. 6. Indeed, they were the only two Republicans in Washington with the temerity to show up.

I recall the support Mr. Cheney, along with Donald Rumsfeld and President Bush, enjoyed from Republicans — and many Democrats — to go to war, in part over “Weapons of Mass Destruction” that no one ever saw. And that before long, as we bitterly learned, never existed at all. Dare I suggest, it was “a big lie”?

That’s why it’s way beyond me, after we (and rest of the world) witnessed a year’s worth of vivid evidence — damage, destruction and death on television — how some are still able to conclude that Jan 6 was just another day in Washington. Tourism that got a little out of hand. It was the Super Bowl of sedition. A madman’s manufactured mayhem. An apocalyptic American Pie — or perhaps all of the above.

It’s unfathomable to me how anyone, embracing any political persuasion, much less a modicum of intelligence, can remain blind and/or indifferent, when misguided individuals were encouraged, incited — and proceeded to “hold a dagger to the throat” of democracy while readying a noose for neck our republic.

I beseech them, in Washington and in Maine, to step out, step up and embrace the strength of character that the Cheneys exhibited.  There are those that would say our democracy is at stake, and I would certainly not disagree.


Buddy Doyle


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