I awoke flag weary this morning. Thoughts wander around in our heads just before and after waking.

My thoughts were filled with Trump flags and signs. Not just ordinary campaign ephemera, but the rancorous calls of “Trump Won in 2020” or “F#$% Joe Biden” or the churlish “Let’s Go Brandon.”

I’m all about freedom of expression, but not when blatantly false and anti-American.

I’m not on the fence about the Lago Liar. He’s repeatedly proven what a despicable, loathsome, childish, petulant, and, yes, stupid person he is.

Taking the stance of remaining quiet and hoping time will heal our gaping democratic wound isn’t enough. On this first anniversary of the U.S. Capitol attack, We, the People, need to speak out. We need to be strong and vociferously protest the degradation of democracy by flag-waving Trump anarchists.

You, who hold “rallies” protesting reality and truth, should be embarrassed. Yet you double down with your petulance. You praise the Jan. 6 insurrectionists. They and you have done nothing admirable. Even though self-anointed patriots your actions are contrary to the goals and plans of this country’s founders as laid out in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. You foment tyranny by demanding subversion of our electoral process. You also protest masks, immunizations, schooling mandates, and any other issue Trump’s sycophants declare just. Sadly you’re allowing yourself to be played.


You should stop allowing yourself to be used by Trump and his minions. Remember, he calls true patriots and veterans “losers” and “suckers”!


Keith Beal


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