Jackman’s Forest Hills High School Math Meet team, front from left, includes Brody Hale, Xander Morrison, Aaron Obert, Aisoon Suthinruek, Tommy Sylvester, Jayden Feliberty, Karaline Mays, Emily Veilleux and Madisyn Petrucci. Second row from left are Grace Allen, Peyton Chaisson, Alan Crawford, Emma Lacasse, Carli Frigon, Allison Dunning, Aurelie Poulin, Austin Rancourt, Leo Campbell, Dale Varney, Sam Paradise and Chris Somerset. Back row from left are Daunte Taylor, Denali Taylor, Jackman Daigle, Cooper Daigle, Cody Oliver, Hiram Logston, Blaine Nadeau, Braidan Welch, Mason Desjardins, Owen Lacasse and Brian Snider. Teammates absent include Connor Achey, Robert Bouffard, Joey Fountaine and Kyleigh Hawes. Submitted photo

JACKMAN — Forest Hills placed third in the East/West Conference (Class D) Championship Math Meet held March 17. With a combined team total of 329 points, the Tigers made a strong showing in the Individual Scoring (Rounds 1-6) but lost the lead during the two Team Rounds, according to a news release from the high school.

Sophomore standout Carli Frigon was high scorer for Forest Hills, and also finished in first place for the E/W Conference, earning a perfect score (72 out of a possible 72 points). Junior Mason Desjardins earned 49 points, placing in the top 10 of the meet.

Forest Hills Math Meet contributors:

Freshmen — Alan Crawford, Allie Dunning, Xander Morrison, Blaine Nadeau, Aaron Obert and Aisoon Suthinruek.

Sophomores — Connor Achey, Grace Allen, Leo Campbell, Peyton Chaisson, Cooper Daigle, Frigon, Emma Lacasse, Karaline Mays, Aurelie Poulin, Daunte Taylor, Denali Taylor and Braidan Welch.

Juniors — Robert Bouffard, Desjardins, Jayden Feliberty, Joey Fountaine, Kyleigh Hawes, Owen Lacasse, Hiram Logston, Cody Oliver, Austin Rancourt, Brian Snider and Tommy Sylvester.

Seniors — Jackman Daigle, Brody Hale, Sam Paradise, Madisyn Petrucci, Christopher Somerset, Dale Varney and Emily Veilleux.