Central Maine Power’s owner, Iberdrola/Avangrid, has had many, many scandals over inflated bills — not just the one here in Maine.

Their company Scottish Power was fined millions. Their company in Mexico was fined millions. CMP itself was fined millions. Their company United Illuminating is under investigation. Their company in New York, Rochester Gas and Electric, is under scrutiny. And now their company in Spain is under investigation, and Spain’s top prosecutor is seeking two years of jail time for four of Iberdrola’s directors.

Customers have no choice with a monopoly. Your bill pays for their lawyers to play whack-a-mole with regulators. Your bill even pays for CMP’s false and misleading ads, from a CMP front group calling itself “Maine Affordable Energy.”

If you believe CMP is spending all that ad money to save you money, I have a bridge to sell you.

Isn’t it time to revoke CMP’s monopoly privilege and switch to a proven, superior and trusted business model? Learn more about nonprofit utilities — the reliable, affordable alternative enjoyed by 28% of Americans — at ourpowermaine.org.


Seth Berry


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