Govs. Ron DeSantis of Florida and Greg Abbott of Texas may believe they are getting even with President Joe Biden for humanely relaxing the southern border restrictions put in place by the other guy. The fact is, that given the social and economic needs of the entire country they are shooting each other in the foot. In an economy where there are two jobs for each job-seeker, these southern-fried autocrats are perversely helping all of us north of Florida or Texas.

Disturbingly, despite the fact that more Americans are joining the workforce daily, the number of employable people seeking jobs is decreasing. As a nation, we are aging and each of us will need help in a variety of ways.

It is cruel of DeSantis and Abbott to simply pack busses full of humans to travel hundreds of miles and deposited at D.C.’s Union Station and the Port Authority Terminal in N.Y.C. But when they arrive at their destinations, they will be welcomed by good people who will assist them in creating their new lives.

Bill Bookheim


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