In response to “U.S. job vacancies increase in July” (Aug. 31). In this article it was stated: “Higher pay has been passed on by many businesses to consumers in the form of higher prices, thereby intensifying inflation.”

Hence, Gov. Janet Mills had the opportunity to have individuals re-enter the workforce and yet she acted as if she couldn’t be bothered to make the effort.  Without even talking about those collecting unemployment insurance, we can look at five other groups that could have been mobilized in July.

The first are the homeless, whom only need help obtaining a state identification card and a Social Security card.  The second are clients at municipal health and welfare offices to get their rent paid for. There are probably clients claiming they cannot obtain a job, even as job vacancies increase. The third are those on Social Security whom have given up on re-entering the labor market. The fourth are those on Social Security Disability Insurance. These are individuals whom previously worked, but due to mental and physical disabilities have a narrower path of options for being able to keep a job. The fifth are senior citizens whom may need to re-enter the labor market just to keep up with inflation.

As governor, Janet Mills was responsible to create new tailor made jobs for individuals with mental and physical disabilities in these five groups. Since Gov. Mills has failed at this task, she does not deserve to be governor for the next four years.

Douglas Papa


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