The recent article, “Pandemic takes toll on students,” inspired me to write about my struggles.

When COVID hit I was a freshman in high school. I almost failed. My sophomore year was worse. Online classes did not work for me. I decided to drop out for both my mental and physical health. The stress level I was in also affected a personal relationship, my home life, and my work.

My mom and I had a very emotional conversation about what needed to be done. School came first, so I signed up for Adult Edd. Therapy was my second decision, so I signed up but everyone was overbooked. The third decision was to apply for other jobs.

Life didn’t get better right away. My relationship failed, the jobs didn’t pan out, and therapy had not happened yet; consequently, my mental health continued to tank.

Today, Adult Ed has worked better for me because it is easier; the flexibility works for me. I have a job and work is getting better because I cut my hours back. I go in with a clear head and make up my mind to have a good day. The relationship is done and over with, and that is better too. Finally, I start therapy next week by phone. I am also working with a person who has a doggy daycare program and that has helped a lot. I love animals and I am learning what it is like to own a business.

Reading the article about COVID made me realize that it continues to affect students in all areas of their lives still and prompted me to write about my same struggles and share what I did that was best for me. I followed my heart and did what needed to be done with a lot of support from my mom.

Sanova Chase


Editor’s note: The writer is a student at Mid-Maine Regional Adult Community Education in Waterville.

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