Keep cats in the yard? My goodness, what will it be next?

Charging a $500 fine if a cat leaves its own yard? Cats don’t know the difference. This will lead to animal abuse, you just watch. Who’s going to admit their cat is in someone else’s yard, knowing they have to pay a hefty fine? The person will not claim the cat. The cat will most likely be taken by animal control.

Where will it go? To a Rescue? Or would it be euthanized because it belongs to “no one.”

Cats can’t be trained like dogs. Everyone knows that. I’m sick over this. Can’t we just live and let live? Can’t we let our dear cats be who they are? They like the outdoors, they climb trees, catch mice, bask in the sun. Let them be cats.

An animal should not be punished because of some law they will never understand. Please, please have respect for the innocent animals.


Deborah Phair


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