Right-wing pundits have long vilified the mainstream news media as biased toward the left. This is a basic misunderstanding. The problem here is that the preponderance of truth and facts lead in a clear direction. We on the left and mainstream media lean in that direction.

Call that bias if you must, but if believing in truth and facts is a “bias,” we’ll plead guilty as charged.

Disturbingly, reacting to this so-called left-wing bias, conservatives have created the now infamous right-wing media echo chamber. “News” outlets like FoxNews, OANN, and NewsMax have been in a race to the bottom and vie with each other for who can be the most pro Trumpian. Blowhard opinionators like the late Rush Limbaugh, or Alex Jones, and the entire Fox opinion line up ply a new narrative which relies heavy on crackpot conspiracy theories, propaganda, and the outright lies coined “Alternative Facts.” Truth is secondary if important at all.

What is their main motivating factor? Rupert Murdoch said, “It’s not red or blue, it’s green.” So, the worst thing here is that right-wing media could not exist if there wasn’t a large market for this rot.

The whole “Stop the Steal” con job is the major case in point. Viewers of and believers in this material, you have been lied to. You may find this entertaining, but it is not true news. The Dominion case against Fox News has brought to light the fact that nearly their entire news and opinion lineups knew Team Trump’s stolen election claims were lies. They continue to feed them to you anyways.

You can no longer claim ignorance. Continued belief in this narrative leaches dangerously into stupidity. Watch right-wing media for entertainment if you must, but for sanity, truth, and facts, get your news elsewhere.


Roy Estabrook

North Monmouth

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