Two recent Morning Sentinel articles shared a common theme: our local and state governments putting special interests above the welfare and safety of the people.

On March 9: After a meeting with the Central Maine Apartment Owners Association, the Waterville City Council diluted the proposed housing rental registration ordinance, making it voluntary instead of mandatory. How thoughtful of the council to provide a loophole for property owners with something to hide.

On March 11: After complaints from the trucking industry, the Transportation Committee of the state Legislature voted to weaken a proposal requiring drivers to clear their vehicles of snow and ice within 48 hours of a storm. Commercial trucks, which have the greatest potential for causing damage, would be entirely exempt because it would cost money to implement this safety measure. Passenger vehicle drivers would only be fined if noncompliance results in damage or injury.

By that logic, as a driver I should be able to run a red light with impunity as long as I don’t cause a collision.

I am not surprised that corporations and trade organizations lobby to favor their narrow interests over the common good. I am disappointed that our elected officials capitulate to their pressure.


Harry Vayo


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