What do you do when a corporation decides what your energy future is going to be? In the case of CMP, which is not rated well for service, you can count on what is best for their investors and Iberdrola. That was obvious when the will of the Maine electorate was ignored in favor of money poured into illegitimate construction of NECEC and a specious legal outcome.

Question 2 can at least resolve the fact that contributions from companies owned by foreign governments (like Hydro-Quebec) should not be allowed in a Maine election. Question 3 can give Mainers the opportunity to see what their energy future could be for their state — not for the benefit of another state or a foreign country.

Being outspent for air time should not decide an issue. I would hope this time that voters in this state would decide what is best for them, as it was in the previous NECEC referendum.

Douglas Yohman

East Waterboro

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