I encourage my fellow Mainers to vote no on Question 3 on Nov. 7, as it is evident this is one of those rare issues that is truly non-partisan, where we can all get together.

The greatest issue as I see it is the disparity between cost and benefit. Contrast the proposed $13.5 billion bond with Maine’s annual budget that is in the neighborhood of $5.1 billion. This is an unprecedented expenditure to purchase CMP and Versant and thereby influence slightly less than one-third of the delivered cost of our electricity, while leaving us on the hook for all liabilities and failures. It cannot affect the cost of generation, for example.

Proponents of Question 3 are long on promise but the bill is alarmingly short on detail. For these reasons we need to stand together and protect ourselves from even more exponential increases to our daily cost of living. Please vote no on 3.


William Stuart


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