I’m writing in support of George Lapointe for reelection as mayor of the city of Hallowell.

George and the Hallowell City Council have been strong supporters of the Hubbard Free Library. Hallowell’s annual contribution to the Hubbard Free Library has allowed us to keep our doors open and to serve both young and old in our community.

But we have little room for unexpected expenses. Around 6 p.m. on Nov. 30, a very windy and rainy storm tore loose a storm panel protecting the stained-glass window above the Hubbard’s front door. To the rescue was the mayor, who brought an extension ladder from his nearby home and, despite the stormy winds, managed to carry down one of the panels and tie off the swinging frame.

George is a hands-on mayor. He sees the need and gets the job done. Please vote for him.


James McKenna


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