I have known and worked with Hallowell Mayor George Lapointe for a long time. A few decades ago, George was president and I was a member of our church’s board of directors. In more recent years, George was a city councilor and then Mayor during my term as a councilor (2020-2022.)

I can attest to George’s strengths as a leader. He is collaborative and fair. When making decisions, he elicits — and listens carefully to — concerns and ideas of a broad range of community members. Guided by Hallowell’s Granite City Values Statement and Comprehensive Plan, George knows how to successfully navigate roiling policy waters that can result from inadequate information or differences in perspectives.

George Lapointe has been a superlative mayor for our big little city of Hallowell for the past three years. I urge Hallowellians to join me in voting to reelect him for the next three years.


Diana Scully


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