Shenna Bellows’ unilateral decision to block Trump from the primary ballot is an outrageous abuse of her authority (“Maine secretary of state bars Donald Trump from state’s presidential primary ballot,” Dec. 28). Not that it should matter who the candidate may be, but Trump has many supporters in this state, having carried the 2nd Congressional District and garnering many votes in the 1st in the last election.

It is scandalous that one state official can prevent all these voters from exercising their right to vote for who they wish in an election. I am no fan of Donald Trump, but I am a fan of a clean and open electoral process. Shenna Bellows’ far-left-wing politics are no secret. However, as secretary of state she has a duty to ensure integrity and fairness in the state’s elections.

That means putting her politics aside and allowing the public to vote for the candidate they support. Elections should be decided by the people, not a partisan state official.

Brian Winchester



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