I have a question for Republicans and evangelicals who support former President Trump. Where in the teachings of Jesus does say it is OK to grab women by their crotches? Trump not only said that on the Access Hollywood tape but also on the taped deposition he gave under oath for his E. Jean Carroll trial. It was not just locker room talk; it is what Trump believes.

So, Jesus says that is what we should teach our children? Boys can grab girls and girls must be happy when it happens? As Trump has stated, he has the right to sexually assault any woman who “is his type.” That is unequivocally what most Republicans must believe, because they do not reject him for his belief that he has the right to assault women.

Then there is Trump and his followers making jokes about Nancy Pelosi’s husband having his skull cracked by one of his true believers, a fellow Republican.

If you think that is funny, then you are a sick and dangerous person. You are a danger to all women and girls in America as you condone sexual assault. You believe physically attacking an innocent person with a hammer is funny.

Both of those actions are against the law, and I never found either of those beliefs in the teachings of the Bible. I grew up in the Episcopal Church and was an acolyte when I was young. Whatever Bible you read is not one I am familiar with.

Trump is the best the Republican Party has to offer us. When it comes to Trump and his followers, there is no bottom.


Mike Grove

Belgrade Lakes

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