Chloe Maxmin is a smart, energetic young woman running for the Maine House of Representatives in District 88 (Chelsea, Jefferson, Whitefield and part of Nobleboro). I recently made her acquaintance at my local Democratic caucus and later volunteered to drive her door-to-door. Racing around back country roads I was continually impressed with her determination to talk to everyone she could possibly find — posting stickers when no one was at home and then making the effort to go back another day to make that contact.

She is a bright light when we need one, and steadfast in her goal to represent her district in ways that are important to its residents. Brought up in Nobleboro, she believes in and embraces the core values that define us Mainers. You talk; she listens. You can count on her to truly be “your” representative in Augusta and rest assured she will stand firm when the hard decisions have to be made. Check her out at

I am proud to be part of her support team and hope you will join me at the Democratic primary on June 12 to vote for Chloe Maxmin.

Katherine Morse


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