We, the Winthrop School Committee, are writing to express our disappointment with the Winthrop Town Council’s recent vote of “no confidence” of the school committee and public comments made by certain councilors about the superintendent.

As School Committee members, we are responsible for the education and welfare of our students and the well-being of our staff. The decisions we make as elected school committee members are guided solely by our obligation to the school community. It is in this context that we wish to reassure our community members that we would never make a decision that would in any way jeopardize our students or staff.

The School Committee hired an independent investigator who conducted a complete and thorough investigation of allegations against the superintendent. We cannot, as a matter of law, share the results of that investigation or actions we have taken as a result. Every school employee, from our support staff to our teachers to our superintendent, is entitled to due process and protections of the law. We are also committed to providing a safe, hostility free work environment for all employees.

In our view, it is wrong for individuals who are not privy to our investigative findings to make public comments about the decisions of the school committee based upon incomplete and unverified facts.

The School Committee wishes to work collaboratively with the Town Council to develop a school budget for next year and requests that Town Council members refocus their attention and work with us towards this important goal. We are hopeful that going forward the School Committee and the Town Council can regain a productive relationship respectful of each body’s respective legal duties and responsibilities and working in the best interests of our community.

Virginia Geyer, chairwoman


Jana Diket

Meg Cook

Joseph Pietroski

Kristin Shumway

Winthrop School Committee

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