I do not live in Waterville, but I attended Colby College. I loved the time I spent there, and am so pleased about the whole family wellness project being developed at the Alfond Youth Center this year. There are so many good projects that are ahead of the Waterville metropolitan area. It is an exciting time for the community.

Certainly, Mayor Nick Isgro has contributed to the successes that are in Waterville’s future development. But the dark stain of his social media posts put the lie to his “reasonable and intelligent” persona. I have deep concerns about these divisive posts, which can easily be found online.

We are all aware of the effort to recall Mayor Isgro. We shall see how the steps in the process proceed, and whether or not it is successful. In the meantime, I have been asking various leaders of Waterville’s business community to consider the damage that Isgro’s social media posts are having on the good works being done. There is no room for this kind of malicious content in Maine’s politics. It brings everybody down.

I am not paid. I am not an elitist. I simply feel that the voters of Waterville (and Maine) should be respected. And I know right from wrong. Maine deserves honorable civic leadership. It’s up to voters to hold Mayor Isgro accountable and vote in leaders who aspire to represent Maine voters in a more positive and inclusive way. Waterville, good luck with your recall process.

Terry Dubois


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